Altera SoC and Xilinx Zynq experts

The soccentric engineering group has completed many successful collaborations with a wide array of companies, ranging from early startups to fortune 500 firms. The team has accumulated decades of experience developing mission critical applications using Altera and Xilinx SoC platforms. The overall engineering goal has focused on leveraging the accumulated knowledge and expertise from past projects to help current clients solve their application challenges. Our group’s expertise is focused on determining design bottlenecks, providing optimal solutions, and helping transform applications from concept to a marketable solution. Our highly motivated team of engineers is dedicated to working in any environment from small startups to established industrial leaders.

FPGA and RTL Solution

Here are some of the RTL/FPGA service we can provide

  • High bandwidth custom DMA interfaces for high performance multi-channel parallel streams
  • High speed (>300MHz) multi-channel serializer/deserializer for ADC/DAC integration
  • Peripheral integration through programmable logic IPs: SPI, I2C, USB, UART, Ethernet, PCIE, RS232
  • Custom memory and interrupt controllers for efficient system management
  • Digital convolution-based filters for feature extraction and description
  • Transmit and receive IP pairs for beamforming in radar and multi-sensor imaging
  • Cordic-based operations: trigonometric functions, square root, exponential and angle shift operations
  • Lossy and lossless data compression: MPEG, JPEG, H.310, H.320, Log-based compression
  • Gaussian pseudo-random number generators to simulate additive white gaussian noise
  • Huffman encoders/decoders for lossless data compression
  • Reed Solomon decoder for OFDM wireless systems
  • Scrambler/descrambler for 802.11 standards
  • Ray tracing and 3D rendering for real-time video applications
  • AES encryption and decryption cores for cryptographic algorithm acceleration
  • Display controllers compatible with most LED, LCD, CRT, and VGA displays
  • Design integration with Xilinx AXI interfaces: AXI DMA; AXI GPIO; AXI Stream; AXI Lite
Embedded Linux Soltutions

We provides software consulting specializing in embedded Linux

  • Embedded linux based project setup and define software architecture
  • Software development kit and toolchain setup for target architecture
  • Embedded linux build environment setup: Yocto/buildroot for build system, git for version control
  • Setup open source libraries and tool for the target application
  • Linux board support package (BSP) development
  • Bootloader selection and porting for target architecture
  • Secure boot and multi state bootloader setup
  • ROOTFS file size reduction and overall boot up process optimization
  • Optimize file system for your target application ( Extx and squashfs )
  • Over the air software upgrade , fail safe AB system upgrade
  • Nightly build, automation, verification , validation and continuous integration (CI) using Jenkins
  • Port, configure and build linux kernel for your target SoC architecture
  • Linux kernel size and speed optimization
  • Device drivers development : UART, SPI, I2C, USB, PCIe, DMA,
  • Flash, EMMC and NVRAM driver development
  • Device driver for networking and TCP/IP stack configuration
  • Power management : power management and system health monitoring in kernel space
  • SDK and compiler toolchain setup for application development
  • Application development build system setup (CMAKE, Autotools,
  • Real time mission critical application development for medical, automotive, networking and consumer electronic industries
  • Debug toolchain support using : GDB, valgrind, mtract etc
  • Optimize application using profiling and tracing - top, perf, oprofile, gprof, ftrace LTTng
  • Develop real time application with PREEEMPT_RT patch
  • Manufacturing and end of line test setup
Bare Metal/ Firmware Solution

For time mission critical real time systems we also provide base metal/RTOS solutions

  • Real time operating system evaluation and selection
  • Porting and configurations (FreeRTOS , uCOSII/III, ThreadX)
  • Device drivers development (I2C, SPI, USB, UART, Ethernet )
  • Custom device drivers development based on RTL design
  • Middleware software stack including (TCP/IP, File System )
  • Real time mission critical application development
  • BSP (Board Support Package) development.
  • Configuration of development environments (toolchain, buildsystem, IDE) for embedded Linux projects.
  • High bandwidth custom DMA interfaces
  • High speed, multi-channel deserializer with ADC/DAC integration
  • Peripheral integration: SPI, I2C, USB, UART, Ethernet, PCIE
  • Multidimensional FFT/IFFT
  • Multicore SMP real time application development on dual or quad ARM Cortex A53/A57 and ARM Cortex R5
  • Definition of requirements and technical specifications of the product.
  • Designing the software architecture of the system.
  • Selection and integration of software packages and open source components.
  • Selection and configuration of development tools.
  • Code review and software quality assurance.
  • Compliance with open source licenses.
  • Software security assurance.
  • RTOS – ISR, timer tasks, intertask communications, events and semaphores
  • Bus interface – ATA, DMA, USB, I2C, SPI, RS-232, GPIO, TCP/IP, SDIO, CAN
  • Device interfaces – LCD, touch, accelerometer, motors, audio, GPS, compass, encoders
  • Firmware development (C, C++ and Assembly).
  • Design with real-time operating systems (RTOS).
  • Device drivers development for ARM, PPC, MIPS and x86.
  • Port applications and operating systems to different platforms and architectures.
Successful projects

Some of the successful projects we have complemented

  • Medical imaging application
  • Audio video: Multi room audio solution
  • GPS and location based application
  • Robotic and Automation
  • Automotive LiDar based system
  • Fast Boot
  • Battery Power Design
  • Thermal/Power Management
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